Major Tom's Tarot of Marseilles

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Why? & How?
What's in it for you?
This is my humble attempt to present Major Tom's Tarot to the World. I still remember my first encounter with tarot cards as a child visiting my grandparents house on the beach in California. I've wanted to design my own deck ever since. Major Tom's Tarot is my attempt to realise that early ambition. The original concept was to use people from my everyday life to portray the various characters in the deck. As I've gone along, I've found that some of the people in my everyday life are people I've only ever met on-line. Because tarot depicts archtypes, I've based my designs primarily on the BOTA deck for the major arcana and the Rider Waite deck for the minor arcana, although I've also been influenced by the Universal Tarots by de Anglis, the Spiral Tarot, and the Robin Wood Tarot.

Major Tom's Tarot copyright © 2001-2008 by Major Tom Schick.

Major Tom's Tarot is composed entirely of photo collage created using Paint Shop Pro. Every image on every card represents a separate layer in the collage. If there appears to be any interest I will try to post some simple directions for using Paint Shop Pro to create your own deck.
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