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If you live in Dallas, you can learn to read tarot cards in 10 short weeks from one of the world's tarot masters, the internationally famous Major Tom Schick, creator of Major Tom's Tarot of Marseilles and editor/publisher of the Tarot Lovers' Calendars.

If you're reading this now you've probably thought about learning to read the cards. As you might know, Tarot is a deck of 78 symbolic cards that depict all aspects of the human condition. Popularly thought of as a device for "fortune telling", Tarot is actually a respected and powerful tool for personal growth, transformation and insight. There are huge numbers of books and websites that all promise to teach you how to read the cards but they often contradict each other and it can be difficult finding the answers to your questions. It can feel like it will take forever to learn all 78 cards on your own.

Now if you live in the Dallas area: Help is at hand. I don't teach you to read tarot the way I do. I teach you to read tarot the way you do. I run an introductory class, Learn Tarot. Meeting over 10 weeks, this tarot class covers all the information you'll need to successfully learn to read the cards. This is what you can expect from the class:

An introduction to the fascinating history of tarot. Debunking tarot myths. Your birth cards and how to find them. An introduction to the meanings of the cards including how to find your own meanings for the trump cards, pip cards and court cards. An introduction to tarot spreads including how to create your own. The ethics of reading tarot cards. Playing tarot games. Practice reading tarot cards. Suggestions for further study and learning.

I use the Tarot of Marseilles, the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot and the Thoth Tarot as examples throughout the class and I provide you with a copy of Major Tom's Tarot of Marseilles and a notebook.

Here's what Mary K. Greer said to me regarding my course: "Certainly, from having met you, seeing your work, and reading your posts here at the forum, I think you'd be a great teacher. Personally, I'd love to take a class from you."

After running this class for 10 years at various venues in Suffolk County, England, I'm now offering this course in the North Dallas, Texas area. I am next offering this course starting Monday, 22nd September 2014. Contact me now on 214 937 1544 if you are interested. Class participants are limited to six so availability is extremely limited. Cost is only $250! That's just $25 per lesson and I'm giving you a tarot deck and notebook. Other local tarot lessons are availble for $40 per lesson and up! Places on a first come, first serve basis. To sign up now simply press the add to cart button or telephone me on 214 937 1544.

I am Major Tom Schick. I've run the Learn Tarot course at various venues since 2002. I've helped dozens of people to learn to read cards successfully. I am a professional tarot reader and I am passionate about my work. I actually prefer to teach people to read the cards for themselves than to read the cards for them because once someone learns to read the cards for themselves they have the tools to transform their own lives according to their desires. I have presented workshops singly and at conferences in Melbourne, London, San Francisco, Dallas, Las Vegas and New York. I know my stuff and I know how to communicate it to you.





But don't just take my word for it. Here's what people who've attended the course have to say:

"I am so pleased that I attended Major Tom's 10-week Learn Tarot Course: my knowledge and confidence in using the Tarot for my personal development and providing readings for others has increased beyond all expectations. Before attending the class, I had been interested in Tarot for a number of years and had struggled in vain to learn from books or to find a teacher with the right skills who didn't charge the Earth! The Learn Tarot Course encouraged me to look beyond text book interpretations and use my intuition to "feel" the sense of the cards and how they relate to the situation and the person I'm reading for. Major Tom's style of "teaching" is very supportive and he subtly facilitates the lessons so that everyone feels valued and no-one feels threatened. In fact everyone on my course said they learned so much about themselves over the 10 weeks. We really gelled as a group too and many of us have remained in close contact since the course ended.

In fact the course awakened my innate psychic ability which has enhanced my life in many ways: I now use Tarot every day for guidance and insight and enjoy using my skills to help the people who ask me for readings. In fact my life is now on a whole new path which I strongly believe is partly as a result of the Learn Tarot course. I would like to thank Major Tom for giving me the knowledge and confidence to use the cards and all the benefits it brings to my life." Sarah, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 

"The course has deepened my interest in Tarot enormously and I know I will continue to build on the knowledge I've gained. I feel it is a skill I will take with me on life's path and one which will help me, and hopefully others, face decisions large and small. Before taking the class I was a complete novice and knew very little about the meaning of the cards. Although I still consider myself a beginner, I would like to say that I found your guidance to be inspirational. You allowed us to develop our 'reading' skills by encouraging us to use our own intuition and interpretation of the cards and you did this skilfully and sensitively, and with humour! It is this insight I hope to continue to develop and take to a higher level. I feel as though a small crack has opened on the door of an extremely fascinating subject. I cannot imagine now not reading my 'daily' card - a routine which is firmly built into my morning. Nowadays, when dealing with something that is troubling me, I automatically reach for the cards and the wisdom is always there. Thanks to the class and your guidance I now have a burgeoning confidence to offer readings to friends and family. A further benefit of the class, and one not to be missed, was the opportunity to meet like-minded people and to make new friends. Above all it was fun! With grateful thanks." Sue, Woodbridge, Suffolk. 

We got a lot of spiritual and intuitive rewards by looking at ourselves through the different lenses presented by the Tarot. The class was meaningful to me and I appreciate that. Kris, Dallas, Texas

The next Learn Tarot class starts Monday, 22 September 2014 and runs for 10 consecutive Mondays from 7:00 to 9:00pm. Sign up now! Simply press the add to cart button or telephone me on 214 937 1544.

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