Tarot Lovers' Calendar

Now in its 13th year, The Tarot Lovers' Calendar is a high quality, sprial bound, printed showcase featuring the most talented artists working with tarot in the world today. Many people have built collections that they refer to time and again, finding that the Tarot Lovers' Calendar provides useful information and a view of the 'tarot zeitgeist' for the year. The limited 2014 edition (100 copies) is the first entirely produced in the USA. Editions printed in England were A4 size, the USA edition is 8.5 x 11". The paper quality is improved, the overall designed simplified. The calendar includes moon phases, meteor showers, solar and lunar eclipses.

The calendar features: cover art by Jill Scott; Gypsy Palace Tarot by Nora Huszka; Journey Into Egypt by Julie Cuccia-Watts; Peaceful Path Tarot by Jill Scott; Cross Stitch Tarot by Rachel Roberts;Tarot de Marseille de Seilonen by Beth Seilonen; Between Worlds Tarot by Katharina Dupont; Quel Tarot by Kelly Kolberg; Tarot de Mareslla Robledo by Pablo Robledo; Tarot of Squeelandia by Beth Seilonen; Stolen Child Tarot by Monica Knighton; The Contract Tarot by Jean Hailton-Fford; and Holy Card Tarot by Patty Gallagher.

There is no other tarot calendar to compare. There is no better tarot calendar. Order yours now for $25! Free Shipping.

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