Tarot Lovers' Calendar

Do you love tarot? Do you like to see the latest tarot decks from the best contemporary artists? Do you have a place on your wall for a calendar? Then the Tarot Lovers' Calendar is for you.

Now in its 13th year, The Tarot Lovers' Calendar is a high quality sprial bound, printed showcase featuring the most talented artists working with tarot in the world today. Many people have built collections that they refer to time and again, finding that the Tarot Lovers' Calendar provides useful information and a view of the 'tarot zeitgeist' for the year. The limited 2015 edition (500 copies) is entirely produced in the USA.

There's some really great artists and decks featured in the 2015 calendar: The Astral Scion Tarot by Blue Gene, The Ellis decK by Taylor Ellis, The Irish Lenormand by Lynn Boyle Aquarius Wellbeing, The Tabula Mundi Tarot by M.M. Meleen, The Syzygy Oracle by Heather Mendel, Tarot de St Croix by Lisa de St Croix, Katrina's Personal Petite Lenormand by Katrina Wynne, The Compound Tarot by Beth Seilonen, The Dark Carnival by Rachel Paul, The Lux Ferous Tarot by Fiona Benjamin and Nghia Hoang, The Singing Serpent Tarot by Eleanor Boyce, and The FaYth Tarot by Gaby Merman.

The Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2015 is being distributed by Devera Publishing and can be ordered for just $25 plus shipping.

Page last updated 6th October 2014